Product Offerings

A Comprehensive Suite of Pricing Solutions

Thanks to decades of experience in the energy industry, Freepoint Energy Solutions has a deep understanding of what customers need. Combined with our ongoing investment in the industry’s most advanced technology, we have the capacity and capability to meet those needs with a robust, customized suite of products, executed in the most efficient manner possible.

Our product offerings include:

FIXED PRICE PRODUCTS A fixed price product enables you to lock in a set rate per kilowatt hour for the supply portion of your electricity bill. We offer a variety of contract lengths to suit your needs. If you’re looking for budget stability and more predictable operational costs, a fixed price product is a great way to go.

INDEX PRICE PRODUCTS An index product is a variable price product and is tied to market rates that fluctuate. If you are seeking budget stability, an index price product is not typically recommended as a long-term strategy because of the risk of price volatility. Index products do provide greater flexibility and can offer potential cost-saving opportunities when energy prices are low.

HYBRID PRODUCTS Hybrid products allow you to realize the benefits of both fixed and variable pricing strategies under a single contract. You’ll be able to allocate part of your usage at a fixed rate and float the rest of it at market rates, based on your risk tolerance and business objectives. It’s the ultimate in flexibility.

Our Product Spectrum

Our Competitive Edge

In an increasingly competitive and unpredictable business landscape, Freepoint Energy Solutions has the network, the resources, and the experience to provide dependable energy to businesses to enable them to manage their energy costs.

Freepoint Energy Solutions is committed to offering one-stop, tailored and budget-friendly energy solutions while providing its customers best-in-class customer service.